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How to add textbox to video on Clipchamp

Sometimes you might be making a video but need to add text to it, luckily video editors, like Clipchamp, make this super easy to do so yourself, in no time at all. For example, you might want to add just some text, titles, or subtitles, or even captions to your video.

ClipChamp is an online video editing service that’s been bought by Microsoft.  It’s available now and will eventually by folded into Microsoft’s cloud services.  See the Office Watch guide Clipchamp video, getting started with the latest from Microsoft

Adding a textbox

Firstly, you’ll need to obviously log in to Clipchamp and bring up your video. Here we’ve done a quick example of our Ebook with the May 2021 update – Windows 10 for Microsoft Office Users.

Now, click the text menu button on the left side panel (you may need to scroll down slightly first).

From here, choose a title from the collection. There are many to choose from, and each provides its own preview of what it will look like if you hover the mouse over each example.

Some have really cool effects, such as the Smoke effect or Glitch, but choose whatever suits your preference and your video.

Next you will need to drag and drop the title within your video timeline. Here we’ve opted for the ‘Clean Title’.

From there, you can change the length and location of the title within your video timeline. Hold down the mouse and drag the edges of the title within the timeline to increase or decrease the length.

Next, to edit the text, click the Text button at the top of the screen.

Now, type your text into the text field, and choose a font from the list.

Need more writing space? Drag the textbox below to create more space to type.

This will update on your timeline.

Transform your text

Easily transform your text box’s position and size on the video.

Alternatively, you can also select and drag the text box to manually move it yourself.

Change colors and filters

From there, you can also click the Colors button to choose your colors. Here we’ve changed to a bright colour to pop out on the video. This text book allows us to change Primary and Accent Colors.

However, there are additional color options that you may be able to edit separately, depending on the text box you choose, including secondary color and border color.

You can also adjust the colors exposure, saturation, temperature and contrast.

If you wanted to add something extra, you can add an additional filter to your text box, it’ll provide you with previews as shown below.

Or alternatively you can play around with the fade in and fade out times, of when you want your text box to appear and disappear on your video.

Adding title to solid color

But what if your title is hard to see, in comparison to your background?

Users can add a simple solid color behind their text to make it easier to read.

Go to Graphics | Background and choose a solid color, like black.

Add this to your timeline and adjust so your text length matches up with the background.

Now, use the play button in the preview window to see what your title looks like.

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