Add Skeleton and Skull to Word, PowerPoint and Office

Office has various options for graphics or images of skeletons or skulls – perfect for Halloween or other gory, scary uses in Word docs, PowerPoint slides or Outlook emails.

We can’t offer a 12-foot skeleton, complete with creepy glowing eyes. For this 3.56 meter monster you have to hunt through Home Depot stores in the USA and be either lucky or determined.

Source: Home Depot

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Emoji / Symbol of skull or x-ray

There isn’t a skeleton emoji but there are two ‘skull’ symbols and an X-Ray emoji which has a partial skeleton, depending on the device.

X-Ray is relatively new to the official emoji collection, but should be available on most devices.

In Word and Outlook, use the Alt + X shortcut to insert the symbol. The Emoji Panel in Windows 11/10 or Mac Character Viewer can find ‘X-Ray’ or ‘Skull’.

Icon – skeletons and skulls

Go to Insert | Illustrations | Icons and search for ‘skeleton’. There are two icons ‘skull’ and ‘skeleton’ each with the usual variations called white/outline or black.

Icons can be changed in all manner of ways. Click on one and look on the Graphics Format tab.  Click on Convert to Shape to see even more choices as Office Shapes.

Microsoft 365 icons altered by options on the Graphics Format tab (from left) Shadow and Outline, Outline, Reflection, 3D Rotation.

Stickers have skulls

Stickers are in Microsoft 365 at Insert | Illustrations | Icons then change to the Stickers tab.  Search for ‘skull’ to see four pirate related graphics.

Stock Images for Halloween skulls and skeletons

Insert | Pictures | Stock Images – search for either ‘skeleton’ or ‘skull’ all Halloween related except one X-ray skeleton option (top left)

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