Halloween icons and symbols for Word, Powerpoint and more

Quickly add a Halloween ghost, pumpkin, witches’ hat and more to your Outlook email, Word document or PowerPoint slides which have many in-built icons, graphics and pictures to enhance your “All Hallows’ evening”

Icons, Stock Images, Stickers and Illustrations are all available in Microsoft 365 for Windows or Mac.  Some Icons are also available in Office 2021 and Office 2019 Windows/Mac.

Looking for Halloween emoji 👻🦇🎃- check out Halloween emoji, fast find and copy

  1. Halloween Icons
  2. More Halloween Icons
  3. Pumpkin color
  4. More Halloween Icons
  5. Halloween Stock Images
  6. Stickers for Halloween
  7. Illustrations

Halloween Icons

Insert | Illustrations | Icons has the best range of Halloween symbols.  Look for ‘Halloween’ to find most, but not all scary icons like evil pumpkins, ghosts, witches hats and skulls. 

Most, if not all icons, come in two forms; Black and White (outline).

But a few are missing. Search for ‘skeleton’ to see a complete set of bones plus dinosaur skull.

There are also ‘Bat’ icons

Black Cat also needs a separate search.

Office 2021/2019 also has Icons, but a smaller selection. Only four icons (web, skull, headstone and pumpkin).

More Halloween Icons

Any icon or graphic can be recoloured from Graphics Format | Graphics Styles | Graphics Fill.

Pumpkin color

A Pumpkin color is Hex #FF7518  or RGB: 255, 117, 24.

Use the vertical slider to choose a lighter or darker pumpkin shade.

More Halloween Icons

Beyond Office there are many Icons (really SVG graphics) available on the Internet. See Finding more SVG or Icons for Office then search for Halloween or specific words like Bat, Skeleton, Scary Clown etc.

If you’re using earlier versions of Office (Office 2016 and before), use JPG or PNG images.


Pumpkin color is Hex #FF7518  or RGB: 255, 117, 24.

Halloween Stock Images

There was a time when searching for ‘Halloween’ showed just two Stock Images in Microsoft 365. That’s been expanded a lot, go to Insert | Illustrations | Pictures | Stock Images.

Stickers for Halloween

Look for ‘Halloween’ shows two Stickers. Not sure what these two characters are supposed to be.

There’s an evil ghost and a heart shaped one.


The new Illustrations feature has no specific Halloween options.  Some Cats but none of them black and they are all smiling.

There are two pumpkins Illustrations but the uncarved variety.

Stock images or premium content now in Microsoft 365
Sketchy or wriggly lines in Icons and SVG graphics
Edit options for SVG Icons in Office 365/2019

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