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New and old Office font - side-by-side comparison

Here’s a ‘side by side’ comparison of the current Office default font (Calibri) and the new default Aptos.

There’s not a lot of difference between Aptos and Calibri fonts to the unpracticed eye. See the slider below to compare the two.

See Heading fonts in Office, new and old side-by-side comparison to compare Aptos Display and Calibri Light.

Body Text: Aptos vs Calibri

Move the slider left/right to see the difference between the upcoming default font, Aptos (Left) and the existing default Calibri (right)

Aptos and Calibri – both regular weight, 24pt.

Aptos and Aptos Display

Here are the two new default fonts: Aptos for body text, Aptos Display for Headings.

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