Check, tick and cross symbols galore

There are 41 different check mark, tick or cross symbols available in Word, PowerPoint or other Office apps. Here’s an easy searchable list of all 41 Unicode symbols plus in modern Office

✅✔️☑️ is called a ‘check mark‘ or ‘check‘ in some places and ‘tick‘ in others. Same symbol, different English names.

❌X╳ has many more symbols because there are other “X” letters and equivalents available.

☑️☒ there are also ‘ballot‘ symbols in boxes plus a ‘ballot box with ballot’ 🗳️

Check/Tick, Cross Icons

Microsoft Office Icons also have check mark, tick or cross symbols in Microsoft 365, Office 2021/2019 from Insert | Icons (the range varies according to the Office version).

It’s worth searching for bothcheck‘ and ‘tick‘ to see the full range of icons available. Here’s what appears for ‘check‘ in Microsoft 365.

And here’s the selection, searching for ‘tick‘. Notice that the ‘cog/circle’ and ‘shield’ symbols that don’t appear in the ‘check’ search.

Keep in mind that, unlike characters, Icons can be recolored and reshaped.

Check and Cross can and do look different

Unicode has many symbol and emoji, here’s the supported check/cross symbols as they appear in Windows.

Here’s the same document on a Mac, as you can see, the emoji look much better.

Check, tick and cross in Word 365 on Mac Ventura

Check, tick, cross searchable list

Here’s a searchable list of all the check, tick, cross and ballot Unicode arrow and hand symbols we could find (41 at last count).

We’ve defined check/cross broadly, search for ‘thumbs’ to see what we mean 👍🏻👎 <g>.

  • To get a symbol from this list …
    • Copy (Ctrl + C) a symbol from the left column and paste into your document, sheet etc.
    • Use the Unicode Hex value with the Alt + X trick in Word/Outlook.
  • Use the Search box at right to find symbols by name or direction
    • Check, Tick
    • Cross
    • Ballot
    • The official Unicode names are given, has added ‘Other Names’ to aid searches.
SymbolNameUnicode Hex
(Alt + X in Word)
Other Names
👍Thumbs Up Sign1f44dCheck, Tick
👌OK Hand sign1f44cCheck, Tick
👎Thumbs Down Sign1f44eCross
Check mark / Tick2713
Heavy Check mark / Tick2714
Multiplication X2715Cross
Heavy Multiplication X2716Cross
Cross Mark / Ballot X2717Cross
Heavy Ballot X2718Cross
Not Check Mark237B
Ballot Box2610
Ballot Box with Check2611Tick
White Heavy Check Mark2705Tick
Skull and Crossbones2620Cross
𐄂Aegean Check Mark10102Tick
𝤿Signwriting Movement – Wallplane Check Small1D93FTick
𝥀Signwriting Movement – Wallplane Check Medium1D940Tick
𝥁Signwriting Movement – Wallplane Check Large1D941Tick
🗸Light Check Mark1F5F8Tick
🗹Ballot box with Bold Check1F5F9Tick
🮱Inverse Check Mark1FBB1Tick
Ballot Box with X2612Cross
XUpper Case X58Cross
xLower Case x78Cross
×Multipication SignD7Cross
ΧGreek Capital Letter Chi03A7Cross
χGreek Small Letter Chi03C7Cross
Box Drawing – Light Diagonal Cross2573Cross
Saltire – St Andrews Cross2613Cross
Cross Mark274CCross
Negative Squared Cross Mark274ECross
N-ary Times Operator2A09Cross
Vector or Cross Product2A2FCross
🗙Cancellation X1F5D9Cross
🗴Ballot Script X1F5F4Cross
🞨Thin Saltire1F7A8Cross
🞩Light Saltire1F7A9Cross
🞪Medium Saltire1F7AACross
🞬Heavy Saltire1F7ACCross
🞭Very Heavy Saltire1F7ADCross
🞮Extremely Heavy Saltire1F7AECross


The Symbols in the left column may not appear correctly or at all – it depends on your computer, browser and installed fonts. Most symbols should show in modern Windows or Mac with a modern browser (Chrome, Edge, Firefox). Some are quite obscure (e.g. the Signwriting symbols) and not often supported in common fonts, we’ve included them for the sake of completeness.

Each symbol/emoji can and will look different, in particular Windows vs Mac because there are very different fonts used on each operating system.

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