Copy VBA Macros between Microsoft Word documents

VBA code or Macros can be copied between Microsoft Word documents and templates quite easily if you know where to look. 

We’ve seen people laboriously copying code between VBA editor windows, not realising there’s an easier way. 

It’s not entirely necessary but usually the two macro-enabled documents/templates are opened first.

Open Macro Organizer

Go to View | Macros| View Macros 

Select Organizer (right bottom button)

On the left-hand side – Close File | Open File | Select the document or template file which will open up NewMacros on the left-hand side, as shown below. 

Or use the pull down lists of ‘Macro Project Items’ to choose from the open documents/templates. 

On the left-side choose the macro source

On the right, select the destination doc/template for the macro. 

Select one or more of the source (left) macros and choose Copy -> to copy over to the right side.  

Delete or Rename

Macro Organizer is also the place to delete a macro or rename it. 

Run Macros

Close the Organizer window, then select Macros | View Macros. 

This will bring up the copied macros, which you can now use where required. 

Choose ‘Macros in’ to see the code available in all active documents/templates or just from selected open files. 

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