Even more Airplane and related symbols in Microsoft Office

There are a lot more airplane symbols available in Microsoft Office including ones for landing, takeoff and even pilots.  Also how to get plane graphics for specific models like a 747 Jumbo.

If you know where to look, Office has plenty of ‘airplane’ related graphics beyond the simple Airplane ✈ symbol in Unicode.

Office Icons

There are many ‘plane’ related Icons for Microsoft 365 users (perhaps fewer in Office 2021/2019).

  • Clouds and sun through airplane window
  • Plane, viewed from above or ‘top view’
  • Pilot – male
  • Pilot – female
  • Plane – ascending / take-off
  • Plane – descending / landing

In both black and outline versions.

Paper Planes

Hint: it’s always worth a few moments to check alternative words, just in case they show more choices.

You might think (as I did) that searching for ‘plane’ would find all the appropriate icons including any tagged as ‘airplane’ or ‘aeroplane’.  But no, check this out: 

Search for ‘airplane’ or ‘aeroplane’ and Office drops the pilot icons and ADDS two ‘paper plane’ icons.

More airplanes

Go online to find more airplane images and graphics. At https://images.google.com , search with the extra filetype:svg to find SVG graphics compatible with modern Office apps. See Finding more SVG or Icons for your Office documents

Jumbo 747

Search for a specific airplane type e.g. “Boeing 747”.  That shows the right shape, number of engines, body, wing and tail configuration.

From there we found some nicely detailed 747 graphics like this.

Change the fill color to make any of the SVG’s into a silhouette.  Here’s a 747 top view from Wikimedia (left) and changed in Office (right) using tools on the Graphics Format tab to make it all black with a slight shadow effect and rotated.

Four SVG editing choices for Office 365/2019/2021
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Airplane ✈ symbol in Unicode

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