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Microsoft 365 browser extension is ‘retiring’

The Microsoft 365 browser extra for Edge and Chrome is being ‘retired’ from January 2024 though not for any good or explained reason. Maybe it’s because Microsoft’s Edge browser has an in-built alternative?

From 15 January 2024, there’ll be no more updates or support for the Microsoft 365 browser extension. The extension will disappear from the browser ‘stores’.  It’ll continue to work if already installed. ‘Retirement’ is a Microsoft euphemism for ‘ending’ or ‘killed off’ software that doesn’t fit their corporate needs.

If you like it, keep using the Microsoft 365 browser extension. Or remove the extension when you’re ready.

The Microsoft 365 browser extension isn’t much technically but a little handy extra. A pop-up window from the toolbar with links to the online versions of Office apps and recent documents.

Quite simple really and useful which makes Microsoft’s ‘retirement’ decision puzzling.  The staff and support requirements for this extension would be trivial for a company Microsoft’s size.  Maybe the Microsoft 365 browser extension was too simple and too useful?

The more likely reason could be the Google Chrome compatibility of the current extension.  Microsoft wants people to move over to their Edge browser which has its own version of the apps/recent docs list in the side-pane.

Microsoft 365 pane in Edge

Click on the Edge button (top right) then look for the Microsoft 365 button on the sidebar.

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