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Essential keyboard shortcuts for the Office Selection Pane

Use these essential keyboard shortcuts to make best use of the Selection pane in Microsoft Office.

Alt + F10 Open Selection Pane

F6           Move the keyboard focus through the major regions until reaches the Selection Pane

Tab        Navigate by keyboard through the buttons in the pane and then into the list

Up arrow, down arrow   Move the focus among the items in the list

Enter or spacebar            Select an item in the list

F2           Edit the name of the item in the list that has focus

Shift + Enter or Shift + spacebar      Add/remove the item from the selection (that is, multi-select)

Ctrl + Shift + S         Show/hide the item

Ctrl + Shift + B        Send backward

Ctrl + Shift + F         Bring forward

Left arrow           Collapse the current group

Right arrow        Expand the current group

Alt + Shift + 1          Collapse all groups

Alt + Shift + 9          Expand all groups

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