Pushing Hands🫷 🫸in emoji in Word, PowerPoint and Office

Type the ‘pushing hands’ emoji, left 🫷 or right 🫸in Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and other Office apps.

Officially the emoji are called Rightwards Pushing Hand 🫸 and Leftwards Pushing Hand 🫷 but can also be used as a ‘High Five’.

These emoji can be used separately or together to great effect, here’s the hands as they appear in Windows (top) and macOS (bottom).  As usual, the same emoji looks quite different on the two platforms.

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How Pushing Hands look in different fonts

The Pushing Hands only appear in the emoji fonts for Windows and mac.

These emoji are relatively new. It was only added to Apple’s emoji set in iOS 16.4 with a skin tone fix in 16.4.1. On older machines, the two pushing hands might not be in the emoji font at all.

Pushing Hands codes

These are the important code numbers or values you’ll need to enter the two Pushing Hands

Rightward Pushing Hand 🫸

Hex: 1FAF8

In Word for Windows use the standard Word Alt + X symbol shortcut 1FAF8 then Alt + X

Leftward Pushing Hand 🫷

Hex: 1FAF7

In Word for Windows use the standard Word Alt + X symbol shortcut 1FAF7 then Alt + X

Windows Emoji Panel

The loathsome Windows Emoji Panel doesn’t know about the two Pushing Hands emoji even though they are in the Windows emoji font. Search for ‘Push’ shows two push pin emoji but not the two hands.

No wonder we keep saying that the Emoji Panel is part of Windows 11/10 that totally sucks

Mac Character Viewer

For comparison, the macOS Character Viewer has no trouble finding the pushing hands complete with skin tones (after 16.4.1 update).  Search for ‘pushing’ to quickly find both emoji.

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Word Alt + X symbol shortcut