See the new Copilot to make PowerPoint decks - a sneak peek

An early peek at Microsoft Copilot, a new part of Microsoft 365 that’s so new it’s not yet available to “Insiders”. We’ll carefully look at Copilot in PowerPoint which can make a whole slide deck based on an existing Office document.

The ever-reliable Walking Cat has leaked an image and video of Copilot, a ChatGPT / AI based assistant.

Source: Walking Cat on Twitter.

It seems ‘Copilot’ is Microsoft’s current branding for various ‘AI’ helpers based on their investment in ChatGPT with the marketing tag “A whole new way to work“.

If you’ve used Microsoft Designer, the name Copilot will be familiar because it appears in the generate features.

PowerPoint Copilot

There’s also a video showing an early version of Copilot in PowerPoint.

Source: Walking Cat on Twitter.

Inside Copilot for PowerPoint

Let’s have a look at the early CoPilot with some stills from the quick 15-second video.

Copilot is on the toolbar with a side-pane to ‘chat’ with the AI system.

OKR = Objectives and Key Results

“Describe what you’d like to create, or type / for suggestions.”

Create a short presentation based on …

Ask Copilot to make a presentation based on an existing document “Create a short presentation based on ….”

Presentation from Copilot

Copilot makes a multi-slide presentation like this.

Each of the auto-generated slides (left) has an orange double-star icon.

Below the ‘magic’ slide is a toolbar: Keep, Adjust, Regenerate or Delete and finally the orange/pink Copilot icon.

All this is based on early (deliberate?) leaks and will probably change before Copilot goes public.

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