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UK customers can save almost £30 on Microsoft 365 right now

Argos, a major UK retailer, is now offering Microsoft 365 Family for £30 less than usual. That’s a great saving for a new, renewal or ‘top-up’ of a Microsoft 365 plan.  There’s a little trick to getting this price, we’ll explain.

Office Watcher, Julian H, sent us a tip about a good Microsoft Office deal.  We love when readers do that … thanks!

Microsoft 365 Family for £50

The offer is a bundle of Microsoft 365 Family (usually £79.99) and one-year of McAfee’s Total Protection package. No affiliate commission on the link.

There’s no deadline given so we suggest you grab one or more packs asap. It was still available on Wed, 9 August 2023 at 11:30am UK time.

The reference to ‘unlimited devices’ isn’t clear but only applies to the McAfee product, not Microsoft 365.

Regular Office Watch readers know what we think of these add-on products.  They are largely unnecessary for Windows users who have effective anti-virus and firewall protections in-built.  Packages like this are often included as loss leaders hoping that people will install and allow the ‘auto renewal to charge them.

Ignore the extra

The trick with these offers is simple, buy it and ignore the extra. There’s no requirement to install the extra software. Modern Windows etc do not need additional security software because the in-built protections are very good.

Use the Microsoft 365 product code to start or extend an existing Family plan.  Ignore any links or codes for the other product.

Renewal or new customers

If you have an existing Microsoft 365 Family (formerly Home) plan, you can extend your subscription by 12 months. 

That works no matter how long until your current expiry. You could buy up to four packs (four years worth) to lock in that price for up to five years.

Note: we do NOT get affiliate commission from Argos.

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