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Microsoft 365 discounts are rare but you can still save

Paying less for Microsoft 365 Family or Personal isn’t easy these days.  Why is that and what discount options are still available?

There was a time, not so long ago, when getting a discounted price for a Microsoft 365 consumer plan wasn’t hard.  All the major retailers sold Microsoft 365 Family (formerly Home) usually cheaper than the official retail price.

That’s changed, especially in US and Canada.  Once reliable discounters like Amazon and Best Buy now only sell at full retail, the same price as Microsoft direct with occasional, short-lived discounts.

Even worse, both retailers put buyers into their own Automatic Renewal system which will charge the full retail price for Microsoft 365 each year.

Why no discounts?

Most likely Microsoft decided less discounting was need to lure people into the Microsoft 365 annual tribute (sorry ‘subscription’).  Enough Office users have switched to the yearly payment system and now they don’t have to discount as heavily.  This is a predictable pricing strategy.

Evidence towards this theory is how discounting (or not) varies between countries, probably related to the Office 365 market saturation in each region.

UK and EU customers can still find lower Microsoft 365 prices at various retailers. 

But Australian and New Zealand customers have joined North America in the ‘fewer discounts’ category.

All is not lost.  If you keep your eyes open, there are still discounts available for both new ‘subscribers’ and renewals.

Other discount options

The best choice is the Home Use Program which offers 30% off Microsoft 365 for employees of organizations with Microsoft Office volume licences.

Occasionally there are 15-month offers, instead of the usual annual product.  A quick calculation will show if the 15-month price is better.  See 15 month Microsoft 365 special, a good deal or gimmick?

There are ‘bundles’ combining Microsoft 365 (usually Family) with some other product.  They might be good value but too often bundles aren’t great unless you really want both products.

Most discounts are for the Family (6 user) Microsoft 365 plans. Microsoft 365 Personal gets less discounting but is available on the Home Use Program.

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