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Start a Word list from any value, not just 1 or A

You can tell Microsoft Word to start an ordered or numbered list from any number or letter you like.  Not just start an ordered list with 1 or A.  Lists can also restart numbering after a break.

Creating a numbered list

There are different ways for creating a numbered list you can simply type 1 and then press the Tab key to indent it. Press enter to get the numbers in a sequential order.

Another way of doing it is to follow the steps below:

  1. Type your text and select it
  2. Do one of the following options:
    1. Go to the Home Tab and select the numbering options. You can find different numbering formats. Select the one you desire to use.
  • Create a list of items by pressing enter and then select all items do a right click and click on the Numbering icon.

You can decide to choose whatever options looks easy to you. Now once you have learnt how to create a numbered list. Let’s try to figure out how to start a numbered list other than 1 or A.

Set Numbering Value

Go to the numbered list and select the entire list and do a right click and click on Set  Numbering Value.

The Set Numbering Value window opens on your screen. Check that the Start new list radio button is selected. Next modify the Set value to start with the number sequence of your choice and press OK to implement the same on your document.

Set start for lettered Lists

You can also use the same steps for lettered lists. Start creating a lettered list in a sequential order and use the same process right click > Set Numbering Value. Now, you can get to choose letters to start your list from other than “a”.

Continue from previous list

Sometimes you want to pick up the numbering from the last list. 

That can happen if you add an image or extra paragraph between items in the list.

That’s why Set Numbering Value has a ‘Continue from previous list’ option.  Choose that option to keep going with the numbering of the previous list.

‘Continue from previous list’ can appear as a tooltip, if Word thinks you might need it.

Advance value (skip numbers) lets you restart after skipping one or more items.

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