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Don't be a Spock, be Uhura - Adjust your monitor height

A helpful guide to adjust your screen courtesy of Mr Spock and Lt Uhura – we have a sign ready to download as a reminder of how to sit at your computer.

You have to hand it to the boffins at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory – in between discovering new elements and the mysterious ‘dark energy’ in the universe entire – they have the time to post clever signs in their bathrooms. 

Wired magazine reports on a sign found in a bathroom at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory.

It shows classic Star Trek images in a new light – the poor ergonomics of Spock compared to Uhura’s better chair height for long days monitoring hailing frequencies.  Spock should know better than to abuse his body with poor ergonomics but maybe his ‘fascinating’ stance is ergonomic for someone of mixed Vulcan/Human ancestry?

There’s only a skewed photo of the original sign so we’ve recreated it:

You can download a PDF version from here.  Made with Microsoft Word as the original sign probably was too. has an entire book about making signs using just Microsoft Word – Eye-Catching Signs with Word is just one of our popular ebooks. It has plenty of step-by-step instructions, tips and help plus a gallery of finished signs as Word documents ready for you to use or adapt to your needs.

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