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Excel – switch away from Aptos fonts

Here’s the simplest way to switch from Aptos fonts in Excel 365/2021/2019 to either the previous font (Calibri) or some other font.

In Excel, Aptos Narrow is the new (mid-2023) default font style with a font size of 11, Black.

What if you don’t like the new default font? Aptos fonts haven’t been met with universal acclaim in particular the Aptos font.  Happily in Excel the default is Aptos Narrow for almost all cells

Theme Font feature is the easiest way to change the default font of all sheets in the existing workbook by rolling back to the old Office defaults. There is no need to manually select the sheets separately.

Select any cell and go to the Page Layout | Themes  | Fonts.

Choose a font group from the available fonts. You can also customize theme fonts if you are not happy with the available sets of Fonts. 

Select ‘Office 2013-2022’ to revert to Calibri etc as the preferred Excel font.

Now, check the output after changing the default font in the existing Excel workbook.

Other ways to change Excel fonts

For more than a simple switch to other fonts see Two ways to change Excel default fonts

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