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New default styles in Excel 365

The change of fonts in Microsoft 365 also means the default styles are also changing in Excel 365. Here’s what the new styles look like and the exact settings Microsoft has chosen in Excel 365 for Windows and Mac.

The new Excel defaults for a worksheet mostly use Aptos Narrow with a little Aptos Display.

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Here’s how they look with the font and point sizes listed.

More text in a cell with Aptos Narrow

It’s all Aptos Narrow font not standard Aptos used in the other apps, that allows a little more space for numbers and text to fit in a cell.  Check out the left side of each number pair, the Aptos Narrow cells take up less space than Aptos does.

Numbers line up

Both Aptos and Aptos Narrow have fixed widths which means numbers will line up nicely.  See here that the decimal and comma separators line up even though the digits have different widths.

If you prefer the slightly larger text in Aptos, go ahead, it won’t spoil the look of your sheets.

Title style

The Title style uses Aptos Display, the same Heading font as now used in Word, PowerPoint and Outlook.

New default styles in Word, PowerPoint and Outlook

Heading fonts in Office, new and old side-by-side comparison

New default font, Aptos, in Microsoft 365 and Word

New and old Office font – side-by-side comparison

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