Live Mesh Lives

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Live Mesh goes back to being Live Mesh with 5GB online storage.

The bad news came when Microsoft announced that the wonderful ‘Live Mesh’ system had been renamed ‘Live Sync’ and emasculated into a shell of the popular system they were working on.

Now the good news – Microsoft has changed their minds.

It was Live Mesh

Then it was Live Sync

And now it will be Live Mesh again

Beyond the quick name change (Live Sync only lasted three months, maybe a Microsoft record) there are substantive changes.

  • The synchronized cloud storage on Skydrive will be raised to 5GB. This put it in line with the original Live Mesh quota and should make it easier for people to migrate to the new Live Mesh. Skydrive remains with 25GB of free online storage but only 5GB can be synchronized with folders on your computer.

  • You’ll be able to sync hidden files.

  • The status of a synchronization (ie which files haven’t been updated yet) should be displayed.

The renaming hasn’t taken place yet, so there are still mentions of ‘Live Sync’ all over the place. In fact we’ve seen none of the above changes implemented in the Windows Live Essential beta to date. The announcement seems intended to placate the enthusiastic Live Mesh user base (ourselves included).

Some things haven’t changed – the new Live Mesh won’t support Windows XP. In fact the Live Essentials 2011 package is for Vista and Windows 7 only. Despite all the complaints it’s unlikely Microsoft will provide Windows XP support.

Even in its current form Live Sync/Mesh is still useful as a remote access tool to your computer and synchronization of almost unlimited files/folders between computers (the 5GB limit only applies to Skydrive).

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