New Kindles and clever covers

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The new cover for third generation Kindle devices is very clever.

I like the look of the new Kindle with WiFi only. 

Many people have never felt a pressing need to use the 3G service if only because it’s too tempting to make impluse purchases.  It also reduces the battery life of the device – even though it still lasts for days.

But WiFi in a Kindle would make downloads of new books easier and let you WhisperSync, the feature that keeps track of your notes and reading place between Kindle devices and software.  

You’ll be able to setup the Kindle with your home wifi network and let it sync whenever you’re at home.

The ‘3rd gen’ Kindles are a little smaller in size, though the screen size is the same.  The current devices are easy to hold with one hand, but the new ones being 17% lighter and 21% smaller makes the ‘load’ even easier.  An important consideration compared to the Apple iPad that’s much larger and too heavy to hold in one hand for any lenght of time.

The new Kindle’s have double the storage which is nice though I doubt many people will have filled the 1.5GB available in the current readers.

At $139 for the Kindle with WiFi, it isn’t below the magic $99 price but it’s getting there see Kindle Wireless Reading Device, Wi-Fi, 6 for more details.

There’s also a combined 3G and WiFi version for US$189 Kindle Wireless Reading Device, Free 3G + Wi-Fi, 6.

Note: there’s no cover supplied with these third generation Kindles.

We really like the look of the new cover with light that can be used when needed and tucked away otherwise.

The light is powered from the Kindle and I assumed that would mean another connector you’d have to plug in – but no – one of the existing side holes on the Kindle to fit into a cover is now a power output as well. Very clever.

Kindle Lighted Cover

I don’t need a light often but these aging eyes might find it useful.

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