Office 2007 for $1 and Office 2010 as well?

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“I’ve seen an offer of Office 2007 for just $1 – would this qualify for a free Office 2010? “

“I’ve seen an offer of Office 2007 for just $1 – would this qualify for a free Office 2010? “

This Office 2007 offer comes from Harvey Norman, a large retailer in Australia. There are sometimes offers like this and we’ll use it as an example of what to look for.

As you’d expect an offer like that has conditions. You have to buy a computer over $499 and the Office 2007 is the Home and Student edition. Details here.

Office 2007 Home & Student usually sells for around $120 and does qualify for the Office 2010 Technology Guarantee. The $1 software price looks good but you have to look at the total price for the computer and software. Keep in mind that the Home and Student edition is only licenced for some people to use.

There’s no mention of the Technology Guarantee on the store site. We can’t see any reason why a copy of Office 2007 Home and Student sold in this way would be excluded from the Technology Guarantee.

The Technology Guarantee rules do not have price limitation on Office 2007 – the software has to be new and from an authorized reseller. There’s nothing to restrict the price Office 2007 is sold for. Harvey Norman is apparently a very large Aussie retailer and is an ‘authorized reseller’ explicitly listed here.

As long as you get a receipt showing Office 2007 Home and Student edition sold by the store, Microsoft should accept it for the Technology Guarantee. In practice it’s unlikely you’ll be asked for the receipt. The entire Technology Guarantee process is handled automatically online with the Product ID (supplied with product activation) being the most important detail.

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