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Google gives you 15GB

The separated Google storage quotas are now under one roof.

Google has announced that the free storage available to all comers has now been combined into a single 15GB limit that you can use as you like across their services.

Previously Google gave away Gmail, Google Drive with Google + photos with separate storage limits:

  • Gmail – 10GB

  • Google Drive with Google + photos – 5GB

Now each account gets 15GB of online storage that can be shared among your Google services as suits you.

For example, most people probably don’t get even close to the Gmail 10GB limit but might like some more Google Drive or photo space. Now you have it.

You don’t have to request or allocate the 15GB of space, just start using it however you like. For example, add more documents to Google Drive or photos to Google +.

See your overall storage usage at where you can buy extra storage if needed (though the prices seem a little high).

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