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Why is Gene Cernan ignored in Word?

The last man on the moon is missing from Microsoft Office. Let the conspiracy theories begin!

The last man to walk on the moon, Captain Eugene Cernan, is a notable omission from the Microsoft Office dictionary.

Update:  as of November 2015 we’re delighted to see that Gene Cernan is now in the Microsoft Office 2016 dictionary.

Last week, we used a list of the men who walked on the moon as the sample list for Sorting in Word, Sort by Hidden Column and How to Hide a Column in Word.

We kept seeing a red squiggly line in the middle of the Word 2013 list … image from Why is Gene Cernan ignored in Word? at

Why is Cpt. Cernan not included in the dictionary? Does someone at Microsoft hate him?

No … It’s unlikely there’s been any deliberate omission of Cpt. Cernan’s name from the dictionary.

Many of the astronaut first and last names would be in the Word dictionary are in common use while some others like ‘Aldrin’ where probably added after analysis of user documents or a deliberate addition of a notable name.

More likely the omission of ‘Cernan’ is just an accident, but it’s an accident that can and should be rectified. has mentioned some dictionary omissions in the past like ‘Palin‘ (Michael or Sarah) and ‘Cleese’. Office 2013 now accepts the names of all the Monty Python team and even Kardashian. Surely the moonwalkers deserve at least the same courtesy?

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