Never Lick a Stamp Again, Thanks to New SnappyStamp Microsoft Word Add-In

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Press Release:

The Innovative New Add-In Allows People to Securely Post Letters Directly from Microsoft Word

Sydney, Australia (PRWEB) February 10, 2015

SnappyStamp, a Microsoft Word add-in that allows people to quickly, easily and securely post letters to anywhere in the world, is now officially launched and available.

As Greg Donaldson, founder of the Australian-based SnappyStamp explained, the new Microsoft Word add-in lets people send a letter via their 19 global printing stations. People who wish to use the SnappyStamp service simply need to post their letter directly from Microsoft Word. SnappyStamp will automatically determine the nearest location to then print out and send the letter to its recipient. In addition to being easy, convenient and fast, SnappyStamp is also secure.

“Your data security is our top priority and we’ve taken measures at every level to ensure that your letter is secure and your privacy is protected,” Donaldson noted, adding that unlike traditional post offices, the service is available 24/7/365.

“Your letter is securely transported via 128 bit encryption between you and our servers and onto our global printing partners. Your letter is printed under strict policy guidelines and securely delivered to the local printing courier.”

Donaldson was inspired to create the innovative new add-in because he understands how time consuming it can be to send a letter the old fashioned way. As he explained, there’s a reason that traditional letter posting is referred to as “snail mail.”

While it is sometimes necessary to send a letter on paper, it can be a long process that involves composing and printing out the letter, putting it into an envelope, and then trudging off to the post office to purchase adequate postage. Then, once the letter has been posted, the recipient has to wait for days, if not weeks, to receive it.

“Our service makes posting letters as easy as sending an email,” Donaldson said, adding that the add-on supports single letters or mail merge/bulk mail.

“Just post your letter at any time and we will take care of it.”

About SnappyStamp:

SnappyStamp is a Microsoft Word add-in that empowers people to securely post letters to anywhere in the world via their 19 global printing stations. Stop printing out letters, stuffing them in envelopes and heading off to the post office to buy a stamp. Just post a letter directly from Microsoft Word – job done. SnappyStamp is based in Sydney, Australia. For more information, please visit

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