BT Sync is now Resilio Sync

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BT Sync is our essential tool for synchronizing and backup between computers and devices.  It’s just been renamed to Resilio Sync.

Documents, music, video and other files can all be kept ‘ in sync’ between computers (Windows, Mac and Linux) and also devices (Apple and Android).  Some NAS devices support Resilio Sync directly.  Old versions of files can be retained automatically as will deleted files.

The major benefit of Resilio Sync is that it works directly between your devices.  All files are copied, in a secure/encrypted form, with no copy being left on a cloud server.  That makes Resilio Sync faster and more private.

No need to share your documents with Microsoft’s OneDrive or Dropbox when Resilio Sync can do it faster and more privately.

Same app, but different name

The program has now been spun off from its original maker and become ‘Resilio Sync’.  Same program/app with a different name.  If you already use the program you’ve probably already seen updates that include the name change.

The program is free with extra benefits for paid customers.  There’s individual and corporate licensing.

Originally ‘BT Sync’ only offered annual ‘subscriptions’ but the management realized that wasn’t appropriate for individuals.  They’ve had a $39.99 lifetime option available for some time now,

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