FastTrack now for Windows 10, Dynamics 365 and Teams

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Microsoft’s cloud push continues. Redmond’s conversion and deployment service for Enterprise customers, FastTrack, now includes Windows 10, Dynamics 365 and Teams.

FastTrack is a ‘service’ to corporate customers. ‘Helping’ them to migrate to Office 365 or other Microsoft products. It’s a sales vehicle, presented as a ‘help’ to customers.

The fact that the customers must pay Microsoft for years and years to come doesn’t even cross Redmond’s mind.

Customer Success Service

FastTrack is a marketing exercise, called a “customer success service ” seemingly without shame or embarrassment. Possibly the most overblown bit of hype in Microsoft’s long history of mangling the language.

Stages of FastTrack are called Envisioning, Onboarding, and Driving Value. Instead of the more familiar names: Planning, Installation and Deployment.

Source: FastTrack Product Guide PDF

If you’ve decided on Office 365 then take advantage of FastTrack. Look past the names like ‘Scenario Awareness Kit‘ and ‘Library Productivity Cards‘ to find useful information in all the self-serving hype.

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