Make a custom Inbox with MailSortr

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MailSortr is an interesting Outlook addin for anyone who arranges their emails into folders and sub-folders.

This utility creates a custom Inbox view which combines the contents of any folders you wish into a single view.

Source: MailSortr

It’s a clever use and extension of Outlook’s Search Folders feature.

Other MailSortr features include:

AutoResponse filing which puts replies to a particular thread directly into a chosen folder.  This reduces the manual filing you need to do.

Remove, Remove Thread and Mute give you more options for getting unwanted email threads out of your way.

Mailsortr has a 30 day trial then plans from US$29.95 per year.   Compatible with Outlook for Windows 2007, 2010, 2013 and 2016.  Not Outlook for Mac, probably because it doesn’t have the same Search Folders core functionality that’s in Outlook/Windows.

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