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Get the new Crayola color, Bluetiful, now in Microsoft Office

Bluetiful will be the new Crayola color.  It’ll be generally available from January 2018 or you can use it right now in Microsoft Office with these tips. told you about the demise of Dandelion, the now defunct Crayola color.  And we showed how to keep Dandelion in your Office color palette regardless of Crayola management decisions.

‘Bluetiful’ is really called YInMn Blue or just YInMn and is a relatively newly discovered color from 2009.

All you need to put ‘Bluetiful’ or YlnMn on the screen is the RGB values and here they are

R:45.82, G:79.92, B:143.51

Office only supports whole numbers for RGB so the closest match is:

Red: 46, Green: 80, Blue:144

The HSL equivalent for Microsoft Office is:

H:146 S:124 L89


Virtual Bluetiful Crayon

Modern Office has ink and drawing features so you can make your own virtual ‘Bluetiful’ crayon.

On the Draw tab, Add a Pen then use ‘More Colors’ to add Bluetiful.

Of course, you can use the color for a virtual pen, pencil or highlighter as well as anywhere else in Office that supports colors.

Office for Mac

The Mac supports RGB, HSL and CMYK (see below) in it’s more comprehensive color selector.

Bluetiful printing

For printing the CMYK values give the closest match:

C: 68.07, M: 44.31, Y:0, K: 43.72

Bluetiful web pages

For web pages use the Hex code #2E5090   eg:  color: #2E5090; 

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