Getting Started with Excel 365's Stock Data Type

Give Stock or Geography linked data types a try in Excel 365 for Windows.  It really is a great innovation and will be better once Microsoft sorts out the data issues.

Getting started

At its simplest, type in the name of a company and click on Data | Data Types | Stocks

Excel goes off to Microsoft’s servers and grabs info about that company.  As a Linked Data Type, the cell gets a little logo and an icon prompt at right.  Click on that to see the many data fields available.

Add a few fields and there’s the latest price data for the stock.  It’ll update whenever you click ‘Refresh All’ on the data tab.

Choosing the right one

That’s how some demos are likely to show it.  The reality is a little more complicated because big companies are listed on multiple stock changes.  There’s two ways to handle this

The Data Selector may appear if Excel isn’t sure which company or location you mean.  Scroll down the list and select the right one.

Or open the Data Selector by right-clicking on a Linked Data Cell to Data Type | Change …

Add as many companies as you like and update as often as you like.