Save $40 on Office 365 Home renewal plus Office 2019 deals.

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This is a good time to renew Office 365 Home with prices about as low as we’ve ever seen them.  It’s possible to save $40 or 40%. There are also some good deals on Office 2019 packages.

The official and automatic renewal price for Office 365 Home in the USA is $100 (well $99.99).  You do NOT have to accept the automatic renewal by Microsoft. Instead buy Office 365 Home from whatever store you choose and apply it to your existing account.   Office 365 renewals can be done any time extending an account for up to five years.

The post-Thanksgiving/Black Friday/Cyber Monday sales are a good time to grab a saving.  These offers are in the USA only, though you might check your local stores to see if they are doing something similar.

Microsoft is offering a $20 discount on Office 365 Home which seems great until a check of Amazon reveals a $40 discount.

Amazon US

Amazon USA is selling the $99.99 Office 365 Home, 1 year plan for $59.99 with immediate electronic delivery.  Make sure you choose the ‘Download’ option not the more expensive ‘by Mail’ choice.

After purchase you’ll be able to apply the Office 365 plan to your existing Office 365 account with Microsoft.  Make sure you login to Office 365 using the same email address as your existing Office 365 plan (ie your Microsoft account).

There’s NO indication of how long this price will last. It could change at any time.

Outside the US, check your local stores for any Office 365/Office 2019 deals available.

Deals for Office 2019

Both Amazon and Microsoft have deals on some Office 2019 perpetual licence packages too.  Amazon has better prices than Microsoft direct.

Office 2019 Home & Student is $99.99 instead of $149.99 – $50 saving.

Sadly the prices for other Office 2019 bundles aren’t so great:

Office 2019 Home & Business (with Outlook) is $229.99, just $30 off the $249.99 regular price.

Office 2019 Professional has no discount offer at all.

Amazon US prices at 27 November 2018

See Complete price list for Office 2019

Microsoft’s offer

Even Microsoft itself is offering a discount but it’s not great and NOT for automatic renewals.  Microsoft’s own store continues it’s tradition of selling at high prices, even their discounted prices are higher than elsewhere.

Microsoft itself is selling Office 365 Home for $80 – that’s $20 off.  It’s valid only until 1 December 2018.

The wording is a little strange ‘savings apply to this year only’.  It’s probably referring to automatic renewals which are always at full price regardless.

The relevant part of the ‘fine print’ at the bottom of the offer page is:

*Offer valid from November 22, 2018 to December 1, 2018, while supplies last. Available only in Microsoft retail and online stores in the US. Offer valid only for $20 off select Office 365 Home ($40 off with purchase of select PC or Surface devices) and $30 off select Office Home and Student 2019. For Office 365 Home, a payment instrument is required and at the end of the initial 12-month subscription period, this offer will renew and you will be automatically charged at the then current price unless you cancel your subscription. “

The last phrase is not strictly correct. Office 365 will renew at the current price but, as we’ve said many times, you do NOT have to accept the full price auto-renewal. Instead buy the same Office 365 product again from any legitimate store to extend your plan.

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