2019 Spelling Bee champs beat Microsoft Word …. again

Yet again, Microsoft Word is beaten by mere humans when we pit the software against words used in the 2019 Spelling Bee finals.

We made a list of some words from the 2019 Spelling Bee finals including the last eight words which confirmed the winners.

See for yourself how Microsoft Word did against the human champs:

The red squiggly lines show words that Microsoft Word didn’t recognize.

This year Word had the same results in English US, UK and Australia dictionaries.

The score

   Spelling Bee champs: 19

   Microsoft Word:  7

Humans beat software by a wide margin.

Congratulations to all the ‘octo-champs’

Rishik Gandhasri

Erin Howard

Abhijay Kodali

Shruthika Padhy

Rohan Raja

Christopher Serrao

Sohum Sukhatankar

Saketh Sundar

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Why is an eighth grader smarter than Microsoft Word?

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