Australian prices for Office 365 with Home Use Program

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The Australian prices for Office 365 with the Home Use Program (HUP)discount are a simple 30% discount on the Aussie retail prices.

Office 365 Home  (retail AUD$129)  HUP price $90.30

Office 365 Personal (retail AUD$99) HUP price $69.30

australian prices for office 365 with home use program buying office 26384 - Australian prices for Office 365 with Home Use Program

Thanks to Office Watch reader, Geoffrey G. for the local price info.

Visio and Project Professional trap

Lower down the same Home Use Program offer page, Microsoft offers Visio and Project Professional at these prices.

Visio Professional AUD$949

Project Professional  AUD$1,869

If those prices seem high, that’s because they are!  It’s the full retail price for each with NO Home Use Program discount.

Presumably Microsoft hopes to trick the unwary into buying these high priced products thinking it’s a HUP bargain.

As usual, buying direct from Microsoft is the most expensive way to get their products.

Both Visio and Project (Standard or Professional) are available from reputable Aussie retailers like Harris Technology or OfficeWorks at cheaper prices.

A quick check found Visio Professional for almost $200 less.  Project Professional is about $1,550 or $300 less than Microsoft’s price.

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