Rugby World Cup 2019 in your Outlook calendar

The full match schedule for the 2019 Rugby World Cup can appear in Outlook calendar.

Internet calendars can be added to your regular appointments or placed in a separate Outlook calendar that can be viewed side-by-side or overlaid on your regular calendar.

2019 Rugby World Cup calendar

First, find an online calendar in the webcal format that is shared among computers.

We found where you can add all matches or just the games for selected teams.

This seems to be the best 2019 Rugby World Cup calendar.  They promise to update the calendar if there are changes to the schedule.  That’s one benefit to a live Internet calendar – once setup any changes are copied to your Outlook automatically.

Get the calendar link

From click the Add to Calendar link.

Choose which teams you want to see or ‘All Matches’ then scroll down to Next.

The ‘Subscription successful’ message was wrong in all our tests.  It seems to assume how you have calendars setup and how your computer reacts to a webcal: link.  Never mind, we’ll show how to bypass their system and get it working in Outlook.

Click the Instructions link to show the webcal: link that Outlook software needs.

Click the Copy button to copy the full webcal: link to your clipboard.

Add Rugby World Cup calendar to Outlook.

Once you have the webcal:// link, the rest is the same instructions on the Outlook side for any Internet calendar.

Note: Watch out for the time zone issue we’ll mention later.

Switch over to Outlook software to add the webcal: calendar.

In calendar to a Calendar view then Folder | Open Calendar | From Internet …

New Internet Calendar Subscription.  Paste in the webcal:  link from the web site.

Click OK then Advanced to check the settings.

You might want to change the Folder Name to something shorter.

Finally click OK to add the calendar to your Outlook collection on calendars.

In the new calendar, jump forward to 20 September 2019 to see the first match: Japan v Russia.

That match starts in Tokyo at 19:45 local time on 20 Sept 2019 which is 12:45pm where our computer was when we did this test (i.e Eastern Europe UTC + 2).

View the Rugby schedule

Once the calendar is setup, click on it from the calendar list at left to see the fixtures.

That’s the separate calendar view.  Outlook lets you see calendars ‘side-by-side’ or, better, overlaid.  Here’s a personal calendar (green) and the 2019 Rugby WC calendar (orange) overlaid.

A conflict between a meeting and a match is easily visible.  Obviously, the meeting will have to be moved <g>.

Time Zone

Check the times given for the matches in the web calendar added to Outlook.

Microsoft somewhat cripples the web calendar feature by not importing time zone details to go with the time. Outlook only shows the converted time not the time plus time zone as it should.   Calendar publishers don’t help by not confirming the details in the notes for each calendar item (e.g. adding the start/end times with time zone in the notes).

It’s wise to check that the Outlook calendar match times are correct for your time zone.  You should only need to check one match/event.  If that’s correct, the rest should be too.

We setup a page at which will show the opening match times in your local time zone.

Use that info (or your own time zone conversion) to make sure the Rugby World Cup 2019 calendar is showing correct match times for your computer.

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