Add an Internet shared calendar to Outlook

Outlook can link to external, shared, calendars and copy any updates to that calendar.  Like many parts of Outlook for Windows, it hasn’t changed much for many years.

An Internet calendar can be for public events, holidays, sporting fixtures etc.  They aren’t a one-time copy, you can setup Outlook to check for updates to the original, source calendar and have them appear automatically.

ICS or Webcal

First, you need a link to the shared calendar.  That link can be in one of two types:

.ICS – a standard http web link with a .ics extension

Webcal – these links start with webcal://

ICS or Webcal links are widely available.  Many sports teams have a calendar of fixtures with the good ones updated to show the results.

Outlook for Mac

Sorry, ladies and gentleman, Outlook for Mac does not support shared calendars.  You can add it to the long list of features missing from the Mac version of Office.


To add a shared calendar to Outlook for Windows, right-click on My Calendars | Add Calendar | From Internet.

Or Home tab | Manage Calendars | From Internet …

Copy the .ical or webcal:// link into the field and click OK

let Outlook grab the data from the Internet.


The internet calendar will be updated automatically from the source when Outlook is checking for mail, RSS feeds etc.  The ‘All Accounts’ Send/Receive group has an ‘Internet Calendars’ account to control this.

The default is to update automatically, so you don’t need to set or change this.

Time Zones

The event times should be checked and, if necessary, converted into the local time zone for your computer and Outlook.

Ideally, the shared calendar should have time zone details with each event, but sometimes the calendar maker doesn’t do that.


In the left pane of Calendar view, there’s a list of calendars available.  Check the calendars you want to see.

Modern Outlook has options to view multiple calendars side-by-side or overlaid.

Effective Outlook Calendars has a whole chapter on adding calendars to Outlook and the many options for viewing multiple calendars together.


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