Office 365 Home Use Program discount confirmed!

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The Home Use Program discount for Office 365 Home and Personal has now been confirmed at 30% on the regular price.

It’s part of a major upheaval in the Office Home Use Program. The biggest changes to the program we’ve ever seen. We’re still unpicking the details and making a list of unanswered questions.

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We know about the 30% discount because the Canadian version of the Home Use Program site is now online:

For US customers the Home Use Program 30% discount works out to:

Office 365 Home   $99.99    $69.99

Office 365 Personal  $69.99   $48.99

For European customers we know the exact prices, courtesy of an Office Watch reader.  The 30% Home Use Program discount prices are:

Office 365 Home   €99    €69.30

Office 365 Personal  €69    €48.30

There are also monthly payment options ( €10 per month for Office 365 Home, €7 pcm for Office 365 Personal). Like other Office 365 monthly payment options, they are very bad value and only good for very short term uses.

Is a 30% HUP discount any good?

For Office 365 Home, the Home Use Program discount is very good.  The Office 365 Personal discount is unbeatable!

Occasionally Office 365 Home is (legally) sold for a greater discount but usual street prices are about 20-25% discount.  As a year-round discount, the Home Use Program 30% discount is excellent.

For Office 365 Personal, the 30% discount is unbeatable.  There’s a lot less competition and discounting on Office 365 Personal.  It’s usually sold at full retail price or a few dollars off.  For one person, the Office 365 Personal plan at 30% off is great.

How the new Home Use Program works

Because the HUP is now a subscription-based system, the way employees get their discount has changed.

Your work email address is necessary to qualify for the Home Use Program.  The discounted Office 365 plan is applied to your personal email address/Microsoft account.

  1. Enter a valid work email address at the Microsoft Home Use Program site to get started.
    1. Your organization will give you the HUP web link for your country/region. You can try but, as we type, that site hasn’t been updated for the latest HUP changes
    2. Microsoft will check their systems to establish eligibility of your organization and what you’re entitled to under the HUP.
  2. If you’re eligible, a verification link is sent to the work email address. Click the emailed link to complete authentication.
  3. Sign in to your personal Microsoft account (using your personal email address) and link for the 30% Home Use Program savings.
    1. You can extend an existing Office 365 plan with an Home Use Program discounted renewal.

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