Warning: Office 365 plus Amazon gift card price ripoff ?

Today we’re seeing plenty of mentions of a ‘great deal’ that isn’t  ‘Office 365 Home plus Amazon Gift Card for $100’ is NOT correct and NOT a good deal at all.

For starters, the price is $149 not $100.

Sample headline and text from just one prominent tech web site.

Click through to Amazon and you’ll see that the price is really $149.

Let’s crunch the numbers; don’t even need Excel for this analysis.

Retail prices:

Office 365 Home   $99.99
Amazon Gift Card  $50.00

Retail TOTAL: $149.99

Offer price:      $149.00

SAVING:   $0.99   — almost a whole US dollar!

Be still my beating wallet.

Only if …

If the offer was truly Office 365 Home plus a $50 gift card for $100 that would be a good saving.  Assuming you can use the Amazon gift card.

Office 365 Home for $50 (effectively) would have been a great price.  So good it might be worth ‘stocking up’ and buying a few years of Office 365. Remember: Office 365 can be subscribed up to five years ahead.

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