Office 366 - the price slug for Office 365 customers

Office 366 is the latest ‘innovation’ and price gouge for Office 365 customers. It’s an important change to Office 365 with costs for everyone and dread consequences if you don’t pay.

It’s horrible news to start a new week. Office 365 users are waking up to this as Monday 1st starts across the globe.

Without Office 366:

  • your Office 365 software and services will stop for a day … completely stop.
  • you could lose valuable documents, pictures and videos.

Confused?  2020 is a leap year with 366 days.   Office 365 works for 365 days, not 366.

Office 366 covers the unpaid extra day.  For a ‘mere’ $8, you’ll be able to use all the Office 365 software and features on 29 Feb 2020.

See the announcement details at and their FAQ

We’ve been covering Office for over 20 years. We’re completely amazed and a bit angry.

See our exclusive interview with a member of the Office 366 team. It’s a rare insight into the thinking behind a management decision.

” It’s not like we buried this in the fine print. 

The name of the product is ‘Office 365’. The length of service is right there in the title.”

29 February 2020

On the leap day, Office 365 software will lose all its features.

Office for Windows/Mac drop to ‘reduced functionality mode’, effectively ‘read-only’. You won’t be able to edit documents.

Office 365 apps will mostly work, but without the Office 365 subscriber extras.

The bonus Skype calling minutes (calls from computer to standard phone lines) won’t be available on 29 Feb 2020.

OneDrive file deletion

Maybe you think it’s possible to live without Office for a single day?  Think again.

The big problem is OneDrive.

An Office 365 benefit is a terabyte of OneDrive cloud storage.  Without the Office 366 extra, the OneDrive quota drops to just 5GB.

On 29 Feb 2020, most of your OneDrive docs, picture and files will go ‘poof’ into the ether.  Deleted, erased, wiped, removed, put in a dead parrot cage and gone to join the choir invisible.

Any files on OneDrive over 5GB quota will be deleted.

Even though the Office 365 allowance returns to 1TB on 1 March, anything over that will be lost on the unpaid leap day.

A great incentive to pay the Office 366 surcharge.


Office 365 includes 60 minutes of calls to many standard phone numbers.

That bonus won’t work on 29 Feb 2020 unless the Office 366 plan is paid for.

Any Skype calls made on the leap day will be charged at standard rates.

More than a day

If that’s not confusing enough. The leap day / Office 366 change is being applied from midnight Seattle / US West Coast time for everyone across the world.

The Office 365 outage goes for 24 hours from 7pm in Sydney and 9am in Paris. Merde!

Office 366

The way out of this mess is buying an Office 366 plan.

Office 366 is euphemistically called a ‘continuous service’ plan.

For a US$7.99 fee, all your Office 365 benefits including OneDrive will keep going on 29 February 2020.

The $7.99 fee applies to all Office 365 consumer plans: Home, Personal and University.

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