Windows 10 Mobile is dying … what’s next?

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Windows 10 Mobile will end support in December 2019, the latest in a long line of failed attempts by Microsoft to produce a smartphone version of Windows.

Smartphones with Windows 10 will continue to work, of course.  So will the Office apps for Win 10 Mobile.

But there’ll be no more security patches, features or free support from Microsoft.

The last version of Windows 10 Mobile was in December 2017, version 1709.

What replaces Windows 10 Mobile?

Microsoft is taking a ‘Can’t beat em? … take em over’ approach, especially on Android devices.

The aim is to take over the smartphone to integrate Microsoft services into your daily life.

The best example of that is the Microsoft Launcher for Android.  It literally replaces the standard Android home page with one that gives prominence to Microsoft apps and services like the Office Mobile apps, OneDrive, Office Lens, Cortana and the Outlook app.

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Outlook app for Apple/Android is heavily pushed by Microsoft. Despite the name, the app is nothing like Outlook for Windows or Mac. They’ve done a lot of work on the Outlook apps but haven’t fixed the two core problems we talked about four years ago. The Outlook app has a serious security breach which Microsoft shows no interest in fixing.


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