Old Romantic words in the Office dictionary

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We love words, especially old words that have been largely forgotten.

This Valentine’s Day there’s a short item in The Independent UK about 10 old words that modern romantics might like to revive.

We tried them out in Office 2013 to see if the in-built dictionary could cope.  No real surprise that 9 of them got the red squiggly line. That’s in English US, Canadian, UK and Aussie variants.

Only ‘Smuggle’ made it past Word’s word police and that only because it’s a common word with another meaning.

Office-Watch.com added two variants.  Snuggle is accepted by Word and known to any fan of The Simpsons.  Smooch is also OK in Word as the modern spelling of Smouch.

I suspect I’m too old to be ‘canged’ which sounds painful but a touch of nursle works for me.

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