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Subtle effects with Snap Camera – beyond the potato

Snap Camera is a way to ‘fancy up’ your webcam with fancy effects including the now infamous potato. There are other subtle effects that will work with Zoom, Skype, Teams or any other online calling service. Also a color slider inside some lens effects.

Get Snap Camera from it’s free for Windows and Mac. Once installed, it intercepts your webcam video and adds effects.  Both the original webcam and Snap Camera appear in the camera selector of Skype, Teams, Zoom or other online service.

Snap Camera is promoted as a fun product with masks and other snazzy effects.

Source: Snap Camera

There’s the potato effect, famous for the manager who chose the lens then could not figure out how to stop it!  Many, many others are available …

Subtle Snap Camera effects

For online meetings or us ‘Boomers’ cats ears or pink antlers probably aren’t the thing. If you dig around the lens collections there are some less obvious effects like Makeup Warm and Smooth Skin which even out skin tones.

Background image lenses are also available, handy for Skype, Teams etc which don’t have the virtual background feature of Zoom.

Color adjustments

Some Snap Camera lenses come with a color adjustment option. Look for the slider with end buttons.

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