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Wide angle lenses easily added for online meetings

There’s a simple and cheap way to expand the view of computer and smartphone cameras. Simple clip-on wide angle lenses can change the narrow view of a iPhone, iPad, smartphone or laptop camera into a wide view. They give you a wider view of a room which is great for a group of people in the same video or leader of an online meeting.

Source: Peter Deegan ( Editor in Chief)

Use a lens clipon with a smartphone working as a webcam. Turn your smartphone into a webcam – iPhone, iPad or Android

The ones we’ve used have a large clip which attaches to any laptop, iPhone, iPad or smartphone.

They often come in a combination pack of a fisheye and wide-angle options plus a close-up macro lens.

Room to move and stay in view

Wide-angle view means you don’t have to worry as much about ‘staying in shot’ at online dinners, parties or just ‘hanging out’ online. Clip-on lens kits are cheap.

Put a camera with wide-angle lens as a ‘guest’ at one end of a dinner table.  Or in the kitchen as you cook and chat.  Teachers wanting to show themselves and a white/blackboard?

Wirecutter has reviewed many of these lenses, specifically for iPhone but some of the cheaper options are clip-on kits that work with most, if not all, devices.

We’ve been happy with “Mpow Fisheye Lens,3 in 1 Clip-On 180 Degree Supreme Fisheye Lens + 0.65X Wide Angle Lens + 10X Macro Lens” which works on iPhone, Android phones, iPad and laptop cameras.  Two clips (faster to switch lenses), lens caps and a little cloth bag to keep them all together.

Most wide/fish-eye lens clip packs sell under US$20.  More expensive models have a bewildering selection of lenses and even a light (better than keeping the ‘flash’ light on for long periods).

There are many different brands out there and it’ll depend on what’s available.

Source: AILUN Phone Lens

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Turn your smartphone into a webcam – iPhone, iPad or Android

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