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X Æ A-12 in Microsoft Word and Office

Elon Musk and partner have named their child X Æ A-12 (no kidding) how do you type Æ in Microsoft Word and Office generally.

The child’s name doesn’t trigger any spelling or grammar errors in Word. No squiggly lines.

What is  Æ ?

Æ or æ is a a-e ligature that was used in English and is still used in some European languages.

How to type  Æ

The hex code is 00C6 (capital) or 00E6 (lowercase) which is what to remember for a simple shortcut using the old Alt+X trick.

Insert | Symbol can insert Æ or æ in any Office program for Windows or Mac.

Insert | Symbol in Office for Windows

Microsoft’s recommendation (even in 2020) is Alt + 0198 using the decimal version of the Unicode value, but that only works with the right-hand number pad not the top row numbers.  Fewer people have the larger keyboards these days.

Insert | Advanced Symbol in Office for Mac

The HTML codes aren’t used in Office but for the sake of completeness:

Æ   (caps)    Æ    or   Æ

æ (lower)   æ  or  æ

Æ shortcuts in Word

There are some Word for Windows only shortcuts.

00C6 then Alt + X will insert Æ into Word only

00E6 then Alt + X will insert æ into Word only


Or  Ctrl + Shift + &  then  either  A  or  a

These also work in Outlook for Windows.

But not in Word for Mac which still needs more shortcut compatibility with Word for Windows.

Æ and æ depends on the font

Æ should be available in any commercial font and most free fonts.

Registered Trade Mark  symbol in Word and Office

Add Prince’s  Love Symbol Number 2 in Word and Office

Change Character Spacing in Word 

The Old Alt + X trick

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