Easter Bunnies and more in Microsoft Word, PowerPoint etc.

Yes, there are bunnies and other secular Easter graphics waiting for you in Microsoft 365 and Office 2019.

Icons and Illustrations (both types of SVG) have some Easter or at least bunny related graphics.  Stock Images also have some choices.

Religious choices are missing but there are Christian or Latin Crosses available in Office.

Here’s the Easter graphics we found in modern Office for Windows/Mac.  It’s an example of how some different searches will turn up options not available in a direct search.

Note: Office 2019 has fewer icons and other graphics than Microsoft 365.


Insert | Icons then search for ‘Easter’ turns up most of the icons.

But there’s a surprising omission, search for ‘bunny’ and there’s two more rabbit icons available.  The ‘side-view’ rabbits didn’t get the ‘easter’ keyword.

An important, some would say vital, part of Easter is chocolate!  There are two ‘choc’ icons for white and dark chocolate.


Illustrations are fairly new in Microsoft 365 as more complex and multi-colored SVG’s.

‘Easter’ turns up nothing but ‘Rabbit’ has two ‘real’ bunnies and one balloon animal.

Stock Images

And finally there are a few Easter stock images.

Nothing available for ‘bunny’ but there are some ‘rabbit’ stock images.