Easter images and icons in Microsoft Office

Drop in some Easter flavor to your documents, slides or emails from right inside Word, PowerPoint, Outlook and Excel.  Either religious (Ascension, Crucifix etc) or secular (eggs, chocolate, bunnies) images and graphics are available.

Modern Office, especially Microsoft 365 have stock images and icons from a large collection compiled by Microsoft.

Stock Images, Icons and other content are at Insert | Illustrations.  Under Pictures there’s Stock Images.  Separately there’s Icons (really SVG graphics).

Note: Office 2021, LTSC or 2019 have fewer icons and other graphics than Microsoft 365.

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Easter Stock Images

Searching Stock Images (Insert | Illustrations) for ‘Easter’ reveals mostly eggs plus, as usual, a few mystery images that seem barely relevant (the three children or chickens).

There are no useful images for “Hot Cross Bun” or even “Bunny” but “Rabbit” has a few pictures.

Easter Icons

The SVG Icons collection (Insert | Illustrations | Icons) has only three ‘Easter’ options; bunny, chick and egg basket with the usual black or white/outline.


An important, some would say vital, part of Easter is chocolate!  There are two ‘choc’ icons for white and dark chocolate.

Online Pictures

There’s a wider choice at Insert | Illustrations | Pictures | Online Pictures.  This is really a Bing image search appearing inside Office.

Search for whatever term you like such as ‘Easter’, ‘Hot Cross Buns’ etc.

If the Office / Bing search doesn’t have what you want, there’s always Google Image search.


Illustrations are fairly new in Microsoft 365 as more complex and multi-colored SVG’s.

‘Easter’ turns up nothing but ‘Rabbit’ has two ‘real’ bunnies and one balloon animal.

Religious Easter pictures and graphics

Religious themes seem to be avoided by Microsoft.  Perhaps the company is wary of offending someone and have decided to avoid the subject completely?

Even searching for ‘Cross’ in icons doesn’t have the Christian or Latin cross symbol

We do NOT think this is some anti-Christian bias by Microsoft. Searching for the names of other religions similarly brings up little or no results. 

Online Pictures

For religious-related imagery, go to Insert | Pictures | Online Pictures.  That will show many options for terms like “crucifix”, “ascension”, “last supper” and many more.

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