Great text & image ‘Not Allowed’ red circle/line symbols

Continuing our series on the ‘Not Allowed’ symbol, let’s make a version with text and graphic or icon.

Check out our article on Make a ‘Stop’ circle / diagonal symbol in Word, Excel & PowerPoint  about creating, resizing and coloring the basic shape.

Better ‘Not Allowed’ red circle/line symbol with text has the basics of adding a text box to the circle/diagonal.

Text with a symbol

An extension of the ‘text only’ option above is an icon or graphic with text. That’s almost the same, except that the text box has both graphic and text.

The Microsoft Office ‘Text Box’ can contain mix of text and images. The ‘text box’ name is a hold-over from early versions of Word when the object could only have text.  The name remains even though the box has a lot more options.

Click inside the text box then Insert | Icons or Pictures.

Arrange the graphic and text however you want within the text box.

Now move the entire text box over the circle/diagonal.

Resize etc as necessary.  Use any of the workaround options to make the graphic & text visible (i.e. Thinner diagonal, transparency or placing over the diagonal )

Better ‘Not Allowed’ red circle/line symbol with text
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