Microsoft 365 Family plus $50 bonus, but be quick

Amazon is offering Microsoft 365 Family for the standard price of $106 but throwing in a $50 gift card to sweeten the deal – making the net price $55.99 for 12 months instead of the usual $99.99.

But you’ll have to be quick. The deal is still working on Wed. 1 Dec at 1pm New York time which is longer than usual.

Here’s the link (no affiliate commission because Amazon doesn’t like our comments on their pricing tactics, see below):

Amazon has made these offers before and they don’t last long, sometimes less than a day.

Having got lots of links to the product page, the price will increase to cover the full cost of the gift card ($149.99). Please check the price carefully before buying.

The year of Microsoft 365 Family plan can be used to extend an existing plan (up to five years ahead) or start a new Microsoft 365 account.

The Gift card is delivered by mail (how quaint).

The offer also includes auto-renewal at full price so you’ll probably want to cancel the automatic charging after the purchase has gone through.

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