Fancy Cameo videos now in PowerPoint Recording Studio

PowerPoint 365’s Recording Studio can now work with the live video Cameo features, meaning you can record a presentation including video inserted from your webcam.

The new feature is the combination of two recent PowerPoint 365 updates:

Recording Studio lets you make a video of your presentation including hearing the accompanying speech and seeing the speaker in a little box within the slide.

Cameo is a fancy way of dropping live video into a slide with plenty of options to change the shape, border and transitions.

Source: Microsoft

Now, instead of just a boring little rectangle of video, Recording Studio can use all the Cameo effects to make a nicer and more professional looking slide. The live video can be in an shape (e.g. Oval), move about the slide or appear as the background to the slide text and graphics.

Source: Microsoft

All you have to do is setup Cameo in the slide/s as usual. Record | Cameo then place in the slide with whatever effects you like.

Then start Recording Studio from the Record button at top right.

Who gets it?

The usual gradual rollout starting with PowerPoint 365 for Windows, Insiders Office v 2207 build 15425.20000 .

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