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Google Font recommended pairing for Word and Office

Here’s how to choose good looking font pairs for your Word headings and body text or PowerPoint titles and text. We’ve shown you how to use Google Fonts in your Office documents

The Google Fonts site itself is little help but others have curated suggested pairings.

Most of the suggested Google Font pairs are for web sites since that’s what the fonts are primarily intended for.

Web site pairings can be applied to PowerPoint slides but are less appropriate for printed or online Word documents.

Here’s some of the suggestions that you might like to try.

Alegreya Sans and Alegreya

A standard Sans-Serif and Serif combo.

Heading: Alegreya Sans

Body: Alegreya

Libre Franklin and Libre Baskerville

Heading: Libre Franklin

Body: Libre Baskerville

Montserrat and Neuton

Heading: Montserrat

Body: Neuton

Montserrat and Open Sans

Both Sans-Serif fonts.  Open Sans is a very popular font, in part because it supports a wide range of characters including standard ISO Latin 1, Latin CE, Greek and Cyrillic plus many weights.

Heading Montserrat

Body: Open Sans

Open Sans and Vollkorn

Vollkorn is a serif font that’s nicely described as “… quiet, modest and well working text face for bread and butter use.”

Heading:  Open Sans

Body: Vollkorn

Curated font pairings

Many sites have recommended Google Font pairings for web pages that you can use as a starter for making your own selections.

Each Google Font has its own recommended pairings at bottom left of the specimen page.

Here’s the recommendations for Unica One with sample text on the right.

The recommendations are probably based on the statistics for use of font combos on web sites so the pairings aren’t necessarily right for Word documents.

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