How to embarrass an airline with PowerPoint

A little tale of lost luggage, a frustrated customer, Apple Airtags and using Powerpoint to publicly embarrass the airline and their courier partners.

AviosAdventurer and partner flew from Frankfurt to London Heathrow via Dublin on Aer Lingus. The airline managed to leave all three of their bags (perhaps others?) beside the plane in Frankfurt but not loaded!

That happens sometimes and the bags were routed onto a direct flight to London. That’s where the ‘fun’ began. Two bags were delivered to the passengers house but the third went to someone else!

How does AviosAdventurer know this? All three bags have Apple Airtags which can give amazingly precise location data. In this case, the passenger had better information about the location of the missing luggage than the airline or courier did.

Getting little useful help from the airline, the passenger cranked up PowerPoint and made a short video presentation of his problem.

Source: Twitter

We could quibble about him not using the new Cameo feature in PowerPoint or the Recording Studio but really we’re impressed with the use of technology.

Apple Airtags or Tile (for non-Apple users) keep track of objects like luggage, handbags even wallets. Drop one in each of your checked luggage and you can see where they are at all times. Even when bags aren’t lost, you can wait at the airport arrivals luggage carousel knowing they are on their way from the plane.

PowerPoint adds visual impact to his complaint – nicely done.

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