Excel 365 gets web links in Comments

Excel 365 is finally getting clickable hyperlinks in comments and replies, catching up with Word 365 and PowerPoint 365

It’s been a curiosity that modern revamped Comments could not cope with something so old-fashioned as a web link.  Even in the current public Excel 365, typing a link in a comment stays in plain text and doesn’t convert into a clickable link.

Finally, Excel 365 is getting clickable links in Comments and Replies.  All you have to do is type or paste in a link and it’ll be converted into a link, just like it is in Excel cells, Word documents and Outlook emails.

Once it goes public, Excel 365 will have proper clickable links in Comments. Word 365 and PowerPoint 365 already have this feature.

Typing www. followed by a domain name will also create a link but the domain name alone won’t.

The standard link shortcut  Ctrl + K does nothing in Comments.

Right click on the link to see menu options to Open the link (though you can click on it), Copy the link or Remove (convert to plain text).

Though it’s mostly used for web page links (http or https), all the other types of clickable links are available like network folder paths or email addresses.

Other link types such as FTP:// TELNET:// and even GOPHER:// are recognized and converted.

Who gets it?

In Excel 365 at first for Insiders.

  • Windows v2110 build 14701.20210 or later
  • Mac v16.58 build 22010904 or later

Excel on the web is also getting links in Comments “in the coming months”.

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