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Make your own London Tube sign for Word or PowerPoint

The famous London Tube Roundel or station sign is easy to recreate for Word, PowerPoint or other Office apps.

The best way to do this is SVG graphics in Microsoft 365, Office 2021/2019/2016.  SVG’s let you change the colors and set the text easily. They don’t have to be a railway sign. Use the roundel for your own, non-train, purpose.

Get the Transport for London Roundel

There’s an SVG available on Wikipedia of the TFL / London Underground Roundel.

More info: Evolution of the Roundel from the excellent London Transport Museum.

For Office Watch readers, there’s a simplified version of the roundel without text which is easier to manage in Office.  We’ll show how below.  Office Watch subscribers can find the roundel SVG in the Exclusive Downloads page that’s linked in each issue of our free newsletters.

Change the colors

There are two ways to change the color of the circle or bar in the SVG version of the Roundel.

The quick and nerdy way is to open the SVG in any text editor (Notepad will do).

Change the fill= color in the id=Circle section to whatever you like.

The rect id=Bar can also be changed however it’s usually left as the official TFL Blue #1c3f94 .

Alternatively, insert the SVG into Office then choose Graphics Format | Convert to Shape. That will let you select and change the color of individual parts of the graphic.  Four SVG editing choices for Office 365/2019/2021

Add Text to roundel

The text can be added into the bar shape. Select the bar, right-click then Edit Text (or Add Text).

Add the text, choose a font and size.  If you’re having trouble selecting just one object, open the Selection Pane.

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